ICS Group story

ICS (International Communications Supplier) was founded in 1994 as a Private Limited Company. Our first steps were in voice-data cabling distribution. ICS was the first Russian company providing a full service for cabling professionals in the territory.

In early 1995 we launched the installations division (today — ICS MontazshSpetsStroi). ICS MSS became a Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) national leader in the banking sector. Before 1997 ICS MSS performed more than 500 medium to large scale jobs to more than 50 end user customers. In the middle of 1996 ICS started distributing electrical power parts and components. Before the end of 1996 ICS MSS added relevant installations and panel assembly to their service portfolio.

ICS began activity in the building management and building automation sector in 1998. BMS/BAS R & D laboratory was built. Safety, security, HVAC, building process management and other related solutions were added to the ICS-MSS price-list. In 1999 we became a full scale BMS/BAS service provider.

The same year ICS started energy efficiency and total building effectiveness promotion. «Innovations plus Management for Return of Investments» (I+M=RoI) and «We are building smart» became main slogans in our advertising and promotional activities.

In October 2003 ICS presented the multi-disciplinary vision approach towards building systems functionality and maintenance. The vision, based on 7-level building classification model, covers an integrated product selection approach, integrated project design works and integrated system construction processes. By means of our systems approach we proved construction costs reduction of up to 10%.

In 2006 ICS started «Technopark-on-Bakuninskaya» project. «E.E.P.M.C.» became the real estate development brand of ICS. The project aim is the de-construction of an existing old factory and change its function to the A.E.C. TechnoPark. «...moving Heritage into Legacy».

In 2008 ICS became a Data Center Critical Infrastructures solution provider.  The ICS-DC project group provide audit, design, supply, construction and maintenance services for Tier1-Tier4 Data Centers. ICS-DC is promoting efficiency by using DC power supply and distribution, air and water free cooling, renewable energy, etc. All Data Center solutions are CFD simulated and are vendor independent.

The ICS vision is based on «Company Mission, Targets and Tasks», «Quality Declaration 2002» and «Green Declaration 2008».

ICS is promoting and supporting integrated energy-efficiency solutions for critical and non-critical infrastructures to reduce carbon footprints.