ICS Group — Distribution

Main Principles and Goals of Distribution

  • In R&D cooperation with manufacturing partners, we produce and offer high-quality and innovative products.
  • Long-term mutual partnership — with suppliers and customers
  • Additional services for customers — on-site delivery, regular training, technical support, consultations, credit lines, preassembling.
  • The best customer service, competitive prices, short delivery.
  • Inventory planning based on mathematics: ABC- and XYZ- analysis.
  • Customer service level and availability targets:
    • Group A: 95% within next day
    • Group B: 95% — 1 week,
    • Group C: 90% — 4-6 weeks
  • Energy-efficient products and technologies promotion

Brand portfolio

We supply the following products:

Product portfolio

Enterprise cabling products Electrical & Electronic products Cable support systems
Copper cabling systems — 1G, 10G, unshielded/shielded Enclosures, Panelboards and Distribution boxes Plastic cable trunkings
Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7 cables & connectivity Modular Circuit Breakers & Switchers Steel & inox cable trays
Fiber solutions – 1G,10G Modular terminal blocks Cable ladders
Pre-terminated trunk cables Contactors & Relays Basket trays
Industrial Ethernet solutions Power & Energy monitoring systems Floor boxes: plastic, steel, inox
Racks, cabinets, accessories Plugs and Sockets Flash boxes
Cable management products Cable lugs and connectors PowerPoles & Posts
Intelligent building cabling Power Supplies Floor trunkings
RMS control systems Surge protection Conduits
Intelligent infrastructure management Signal converters PVC Accessory boxes and Enclosures
Tools,Testers, Labeling Tools, Testers, Labeling Bio Trunking Solutions